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Cement work requires precision, accuracy, knowledge, expertise, and the right combination of materials and tools. M&A Concrete Service Corp understands this. That’s why for over 18 years in the concrete industry, M&A Concrete Service Corp has been providing unmatched concrete work for residential and commercial properties in North Carolina. We’re licensed and insured, so if you’re ready to get started on your concrete project, call for a free estimate!


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Each one of our professionals have enough experience which ensure you will get the best solution for your unique needs.

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Benefits of Concrete

Concrete is everywhere! From home to bridges to skyscrapers, it’s simply the most versatile building material on earth. It delivers:

  • the lowest carbon footprint over its lifecycle
  • unparalleled durability in any environment
  • versatility – it can be molded into any shape, color or pattern
  • no off-gas
  • low maintenance costs
  • 100 % recyclability
  • maximized energy efficiency via thermal mass
  • plus the materials needed to make concrete are abundant in just about every corner on the planet
  • it doesn’t burn, rust or rot

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