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The purpose of a retaining wall in a residential setting is to “correct” the natural slope of the grounds, leaving a level area for gardening, building a patio, or enjoying more of your property than you would otherwise be able to. This function calls for a huge amount of strength, endurance, and weather resistance. Nowadays, concrete may be the material that best fills the bill.


Cast-In-Place Concrete

Cast-in-place concrete is a common type of building material for commercial structures and residential homes alike. It involves pouring liquid concrete into removable forms and then dismantling the forms once the concrete has hardened to leave a solid wall behind. If you want to learn more about this method, call today!

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Advantages of Concrete Retaining Walls


We do 2 basic types of concrete wall construction: concrete panels and poured-in-place concrete. Call now and find out which retaining wall is best for your situation!


Concrete is extremely strong, a vital quality when you’re talking about holding up tons of earth and water.


A concrete wall can stand up to the test of time, often lasting for a century or longer.

Resistance Do you want a retaining wall that’s fireproof, rot-proof, and rustproof? Concrete possess all those qualities.

Easy Installation

It’s usually faster and easier to install a concrete retaining wall compared to much more labor-intensive masonry structures.


Concrete will allow you to build curves, angles, or staircases into the retaining wall design with a minimum of difficulty.

Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance concrete walls will require a simple cleaning only once annually, plus occasional inspection for cracks or other evidence of wear and tear. They are easy to patch with mortar.


Concrete retaining walls are non-toxic and don’t off-gas allergens or dangerous chemicals.


The cost of a concrete retaining wall installation is mid-range, giving you an excellent cost-benefit ratio.


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